Social assistance: help in other situations - Assistance for the blind

Assistance for the blind can be applied for by those who are blind, on an equal footing with blind people or severely visually impaired.

Blind, equal and severely visually impaired people can receive assistance for the blind depending on income and wealth.
Assistance for the blind in accordance with the Social Code XII is part of help in other situations.

  • Assessment notice of the State Office for Social Services on blindness as a severe disability in accordance with § 69 of the Social Code IX (SGB IX),

  • Proof of income and burdens.


Civilian blind people with habitual residence in Schleswig-Holstein are entitled to state blindness allowance under the Schleswig-Holstein State BlindNess Allowance Act .

Further information can be found on the website of the State Commissioner for People with Disabilities.

In addition, a self-help organization of visually impaired and blind people in Schleswig-Holstein is available as a contact person, the Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein Schleswig-Holstein e. V. (BSVSH e. V.).

  • State Commissioner for People with Disabilities
  • BSVSH e. V.

§ 72 Social Code (SGB) Twelfth Book (XII) - Social Assistance.

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