Application for the construction or modification of an installation of surface waters Grant

If you wish to make significant changes to or in above-ground waters or an existing facility, or if you wish to build a facility, you must apply for a permit from the relevant lower water authority.

If you want to build a plant or make significant changes to an existing plant in, above, below, above or above ground waters, you can apply for a permit from the Water Authority. Facilities can be: dams, bridges, crossings, culverts, water crossings with supply/disposal line, construction work on the water, pipeline road parallel to the water, bank fortifications and property enclosures, jetty, administration or terrain filling/removal.

- If applicable, declaration of consent of the property owner

- If necessary, declaration of consent of the water and soil association

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  • ยง 23 paragraphs 1 and 2 of the State Water Act (LWG)

You can apply informally for approval of installations on above-ground waters.

- The competent authority will examine your application

- You will receive feedback on your application

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