Apply for approval as a water testing centre

If you want to carry out investigations as a water testing body on behalf of the authorities or for self-monitoring or self-monitoring (e.B. as part of wastewater and raw water control), you must apply for approval (notification).

You can obtain approval as a water testing body for the investigation areas of wastewater, surface water as well as groundwater and raw water.

Sub-areas are:

1. sampling and general parameters;

2. Photometry, ion chromatography, dimensional analysis,

3. Elemental analysis,

4th/5th group and sum parameters,

6. Gas chromatographic methods,

7. HPLC procedure,

8. Microbiological processes

9.1 Biological processes, bioassays (Part 1) and

9.2 Biological processes, bioassays (Part 2).

Approval for an area of investigation requires proof of competence for sub-area 1 and for at least one further sub-area in this area of investigation. Competence must be proven for at least 2/3 of the listed parameters of the respective sub-area. This criterion applies only to sub-areas with more than two parameters.

A simplified approval procedure applies to the approval "Sampling in Schleswig-Holstein".

You can obtain the necessary documents, such as proof of spatial equipment, liability insurance, etc., from the competent authority.

Forms/online services available: No
Written form required: Yes
Informal application possible: Yes
Personal appearance necessary: No


The requirements relate to extensive requirements for the spatial and technical equipment as well as for the number, expertise and reliability of the personnel. These can be obtained from the competent authority.

  • Approval Ordinance of Water Testing Centres (ZWVO): In addition to the general information, the following information/forms can be found there: Leaflet Sampling, Sample Examination Reports Sampling,
  • Information on the standardized sampling procedure in Schleswig-Holstein:

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You submit an informal application with your signature and the necessary documents to the competent authority. You name the area of investigation. The authority will check whether your application is complete and whether you meet the requirements. If the admission can be granted to you, it will be sent to you in writing. You will receive an invoice with the letter of admission.

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