Permission to use the professional title of emergency paramedic Granted

Would you like to work as an emergency paramedic in Germany? Then note the formal authorization to use this job title.

The professional title "emergency paramedic" is regulated in Germany and is therefore subject to legal regulations. This means that this profession may only be practiced with a state permit, which entitles you to use the professional title "emergency paramedic" and to work as such.

If you have a foreign, comparable degree and want to work as an emergency paramedic in Germany, this is possible with the help of a recognition procedure. Accordingly, you can apply for a state permit from the competent authority. If you are entitled to immigrate to Germany, you can also apply from abroad.

  • Written application for recognition of the professional title
  • Proof of identity (e.g. identity card or passport)
  • a certificate of practical professional experience at a recognised teaching rescue station (original or certified copy)
  • If applicable, authorization to accept interns by the teaching rescue station, if it is not located in Schleswig-Holstein
  • If applicable, a copy of the decision on the shortening or discontinuation of the practical activity
  • a certified copy of the examination certificate
  • an official certificate of good conduct of "document type 0" (for submission to an authority) that is not older than one month when the application is submitted
  • a medical certificate that is not older than one month at the time of submission of the application and confirms that you are physically and mentally suitable for the activity as an emergency paramedic

As a rule, you must submit all documents in the original or as a certified copy and in German. If the documents are written in another language, you may also need a translation from a publicly appointed translator.

Additional documentation may be required.


  • Vocational qualification
  • Personal suitability
  • Health suitability
  • Knowledge of the German language


Have you obtained your degree in an EU, EEA or Swiss country or have you already received recognition of your qualification there? Then the application for recognition in Schleswig-Holstein can be submitted electronically via the state portal.  

  • Leaflet on the recognition of the professional title "Emergency Paramedic"
  • State portal recognition of professional qualifications
  • Examination on the eligibility of immigration to Germany

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  1. Submit an application for the recognition procedure to the competent authority
  2. The competent authority checks the documents for equivalence on the basis of the applicable provisions of state law
  3. In the case of an application from another EU or EEA country or Switzerland, the office checks whether the foreign qualification corresponds to the German qualification.
  4. The competent authority will inform you of the result in writing or electronically by means of a decision (direct recognition, demand for a compensatory measure or rejection).
  5. If necessary, the examination centre will ask you to complete an adaptation course or an aptitude test or knowledge test for recognition if direct recognition is not possible.
  6. If you have successfully completed the compensatory measure and meet all other requirements, your professional qualification will be recognised.

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