Apply for the designation as an expert for long-term storage under the Landfill Ordinance Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you want to work as an expert for long-term storage in accordance with the Landfill Ordinance, you must be designated by the competent authority.

If you want to check the facilities of operators of long-term warehouses after decommissioning to ensure that the requirements for decommissioning in accordance with § 5 para. 3 no. BImSchG are met and thus no danger to the general public or the environment emanate from there, you must apply to the competent authority to appoint you as an expert. The provision applies to the whole of Germany.

Evidence and information on the required expertise, independence, reliability and equipment must be submitted. If necessary, further documents must be provided after further questions from the competent authority.

  • Written form required: Yes
  • Personal appearance necessary: No


They have the necessary expertise, independence, reliability and equipment.

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  • § 24 Abs. 2 Landfill Ordinance (DepV)
  • § 5 paragraph 3 no. 1 Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG)

You submit an informal application to the competent authority for designation as an expert for long-term storage in accordance with the Landfill Ordinance. If necessary, the authority will request further application documents. The provision may be provided with a reservation of revocation, a time limit, with conditions, obligations and the reservation of conditions.

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