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For nationals of a member state of the European Union or a state party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area who are not Germans within the meaning of Article 116 (1) of the Basic Law, a card with the function of electronic proof of identity (eID card) will be issued on request.

The eID card is not an identity document in the classical sense, but enables electronic proof of identity in order to be able to use eGovernment services at the highest level of trust. In addition, it can be used to read out on site for the purpose of transferring form data among those present without media discontinuity.

Since the eID card is designed exclusively for online use and does not serve as an identity document or travel document, the eID card lacks data such as e.B. the photograph, signature, size and eye color. Certain data (such as .B address and nationality) are only stored on the electronic storage medium (chip). The eID card can only be issued to applicants aged 16 and over. It is issued for a period of validity of 10 years.

The validity period cannot be extended. A new eID card can be applied for before the expiry of the validity period. For this purpose, proof of a justified interest is required.

Recognised and valid foreign passport or recognised and valid national identity card (identity card).

If the person is not required to report in Germany: Proof of residence or address. Which proofs must be provided can be requested from the responsible German mission abroad (embassy or consulate).


In order to verify the identity, the eID card applicant must always appear in person at the eID card authority.

  • Act on a card for EU citizens and nationals of the European Economic Area with the function of electronic proof of identity (eID Card Act - eIDKG)
  • Ordinance on Fees for Identity Cards and Electronic Proof of Identity (Id Card Fees Ordinance - PAuswGebV).

eID Card Act:

Identity Card Fee Ordinance :

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