Fishing with electricity, permit

If you want to catch fish using electric current, this is generally prohibited.

For certain purposes, upon request, the authority may allow you to catch fish using electricity. These are: for the catch of spawning fish, for inventories for the preservation of evidence or for the preparation of conservation plans, for scientific investigations or for sustainable water management that is not accessible with other fishing gear. Furthermore, various requirements are placed on the electric fan unit and its operator.

  • Application
  • Proof of course in electrofishing (operating licence) or proof of fish farmer
  • Approval certificate of the electric fishing gear to be used
  • List of waters if applicable
  • Forms: yes
  • Online procedure possible: no
  • Written form required: yes
  • Personal appearance required: no


They must indicate the purpose for the catch using electricity and provide the necessary documentation. In addition, you are only allowed to fish using direct current or suitable pulse dc current. You must not use alternating current as catch current. You must use the electric fishing gear according to the recognized rules of technology. You must comply with the duties of care arising from the operating instructions and the special local circumstances.

  • Information on fisheries

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  • § 31 Abs. 3 Landesfischereigesetz (LFischG)
  • § 6 Inland Fisheries Ordinance (BiFVO)
  • § 8 Coastal Fisheries Ordinance (KüFVO)

They shall apply in writing for authorisation to exceptionally be allowed to catch fish using electricity. In doing so, you specify the purpose and attach the necessary documents. The competent authority will check your application for completeness and whether the technical requirements for an exemption permit are met. Upon completion of the examination, you will be notified of the rejection or approval in a notice. This notice may be subject to a fee.

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