Participation and self-determination of people with disabilities

With regard to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the federal legislature had also set itself the goal of decisively improving the living conditions for people with disabilities. Among other things, a stronger focus should be placed on the right to wish and vote of people with disabilities as well as person-centering and socio-spatial orientation. For this reason, the Federal Participation Act (BTHG) was adopted as a comprehensive legislative package and has been implemented in several reform stages since its entry into force.

As part of the implementation of the Federal Participation Act at state level, the Schleswig-Holstein State Parliament passed the "First Act for the Implementation of the Federal Participation Act", the so-called 1st Participation Strengthening Act (1st TSG), on 22 March 2018.

The 1st TSG designates, among other things, the districts and independent cities as the competent provider of integration assistance.

As a further provider of integration assistance, the Land performs essential coordination tasks. In this role, it participates, for example.B. in the negotiations on the state framework agreements according to SGB IX, is a member of the SGB IX arbitration board and, in agreement with the districts and district-free cities, develops recommendations for the right to benefits of integration assistance and the overall plan procedure according to SGB IX.

On 01.01.2020, the third and at the same time most comprehensive reform stage of the Federal Participation Act will come into force nationwide.

People who have only limited opportunities for social participation due to an environmental and attitude-related restriction of participation (disability) with physical, mental, emotional or sensory impairments are to be led out of the previous welfare system. Services should be based on the actual needs of the person with disabilities.

In addition, the cooperation between the rehabilitation institutions (e.B health insurance companies, pension insurance institutions, federal employment agency, accident insurance institutions) is to be improved in order to simplify the procedure and to enable "services from a single source". In the future, it should be avoided that people who are dependent on the services of several rehabilitation providers to cover a participation-related need, e.B. are sent to several authorities to submit a corresponding application.

The regulations on income and asset attraction have also been adapted.

If you have any questions about benefits under the Federal Participation Act or requirements for the granting of individual benefits, please contact the social welfare offices of the district and city administrations.

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