Change of school

A change of school takes place by admission to a new school relationship at the new school and termination of the existing school relationship at the previous school. First of all, therefore, an application for admission to the new school would have to be submitted for an intended change of school.

When changing schools within Schleswig-Holstein, please note:

If there is no longer compulsory schooling, the school relationship with the previous school can be terminated by deregistration from the previous school.

If, on the other hand, there is still compulsory schooling, an application for dismissal from the school relationship must be submitted to the previous school. The application itself does not terminate the school relationship. The requested dismissal can only be pronounced by the previous school if it is proven to continue attending school at the new school.

Note: Full-time and vocational education are compulsory, so that the statutory compulsory education - if there is no apprenticeship - lasts until the end of the school semester until the pupil reaches the age of majority.  

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