Care: Nursing home allowance

Nursing home allowance is a resident-related promotion of a care facility.

Nursing home allowance is a resident-related promotion of the investment costs for fully inpatient care. It is granted to the providers of fully inpatient care facilities for residents in need of care whose income and assets are insufficient to finance the investment costs. An income limit applies. In this way, residents of nursing homes in need of care with low incomes and low assets are relieved of the investment costs.
The amount of the nursing home allowance depends in particular on the investment costs of the nursing home and the income and financial situation of the resident in need of care. A maximum of 15.35 euros per day in nursing home allowance can be granted.
The funding must be applied for by the sponsor of the care facility at the responsible district or the district-free city. The consent of the resident in need of care is required for the application. Documents on the income and asset situation can be sent separately to the granting authority or attached to the application of the care facility in a sealed envelope. In certain cases, the application for nursing home allowance can also be made by the person in need of care himself or herself.
Nursing home allowance is only paid for residents of care facilities in need of care for whom a social assistance institution in Schleswig-Holstein already bears the costs of social assistance or would have to bear it in the case of social assistance.

  • Notification of benefits from the nursing care fund,
  • Proof of income (including pensions) and existing assets.


Information on long-term care insurance benefits and long-term care housing benefit can also be found on the pages of the schleswig-Holstein state government.

  • Long-term care insurance benefits and long-term care allowance
  • § 9 in conjunction with § 82 of the Social Code (SGB) Eleventh Book (XI),
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