Sports promotion

The general promotion of sport is intended to promote institutions, measures and projects to support and further develop a nationwide, diverse and socially acceptable sports offer.

Sports promotion

Within the framework of the Directive on the Promotion of Sport in Schleswig-Holstein (Sports Promotion Directive), Schleswig-Holstein municipalities, district members and district-free cities, offices, districts and special purpose associations under the Act on Municipal Cooperation (GkZ) as well as non-profit clubs and associations are entitled to apply. In particular, the following are funded:

  • Facilities of competitive sports (including construction measures and operating costs of federal bases, competitive sports centers of the state professional associations, houses of athletes) in particular with proportionate federal funding,
  • Partner schools of competitive sports,
  • Sports activities for people with disabilities
  • Organization of national championships, German championships, European championships,
  • World Championships and other sporting events of supra-regional importance
  • Preparation of municipal sports (facilities) development plans,
  • Implementation of measures for sport and exercise in public space on the basis of sports development planning,
  • Voluntary Social Year in Sport,
    Football Fan Projects

The funding objective of the Directive on the Promotion of Municipal Sports Facilities in Schleswig-Holstein (Sports Facilities Promotion Directive) are measures for uncovered playing fields and running tracks, the infrastructure associated with the playing field and the athletics infrastructure linked to the playing field. Furthermore, measures that contribute to maintaining the functionality and/or reducing the operating costs of single-field and small doubt halls, as well as indoor and outdoor pools, which mainly serve sporting activities and learning to swim, are eligible for funding.
Playing fields within the meaning of the directive are uncovered playing fields with a floor area of up to 4,999 m2 (type 1) and large playing fields with a floor area of more than 4,999 m2 (type 2). For the purposes of this Directive, infrastructure belonging to the pitch is original sports facility facilities such as e.B grandstands (also covered), changing rooms, sanitary facilities, barrier-free paths on the site and storage facilities for sports equipment.
Running tracks within the meaning of the Directive are uncovered 400m circular tracks and 100m short-distance tracks including the trenches for the obstacle course. For the purposes of this Directive, play-field athletics infrastructure means jumping facilities (high jump facility, pole vaulting facility, long jump facility and triple jump facility) and throwing facilities (discus throw facility, hammer throw facility, javelin throw facility and shot put facility).
Special sports facilities exempt from funding are facilities especially for sports such as tennis, equestrian sports, golf, driving, shooting, boules, beach soccer, beach tennis, street basketball.

In accordance with the directive, single-field halls have a maximum hall area of 15 x 27 x 7 metres; small doubt halls are sports halls with a maximum hall area of 18 x 36 x 7 meters.

The application forms for funding by the state can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas, Integration and Equality of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (MILIG).

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Further information on the promotion of sport can be found on the pages of the Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas, Integration and Equality of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (MILIG) and the Schleswig-Holstein State Sports Association (LSV SH).

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  • Sports Promotion (MILIG)

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