Day care centre for children: reduction / assumption of cost contributions

Cost contributions for day-care facilities can be covered in whole or in part on request if the income is correspondingly low.

Cost contributions are fixed for the use of offers for the promotion of children in day-care centres. Upon request, the parental contribution for low-income parents for the visit of the child/children in a day care center will be paid in whole or in part by the municipality / city / district.

Proof of receipt of unemployment benefit II or of income, rent and charges. It is recommended to contact the competent body in advance.

Application forms can be obtained from the competent authority.


Changes of any kind (family or financial) must be reported immediately to the competent authority.

If there is no needs-based place in a daycare center in your own community at the time of the desired admission date, the child can be registered in a daycare center that is located in another community.
The prerequisite for this is that the parents or guardians of the child have notified their own municipality of the intended registration of their child in another municipality at least three months before the desired admission date. The own municipality then makes a cost compensation payment for the daycare place to the municipality in which the day care center attended by the child is located

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