Process-free construction projects

Certain construction projects are free of procedure under certain conditions (construction projects without approval).

Certain construction projects are procedurally free according to § 63 Landesbauordnung für das Land Schleswig-Holstein (LBO) (permit-free construction projects).
Under certain conditions, this includes systems such as

  • necessary garages,
  • covered necessary parking spaces,
  • privacy walls,
  • enclosures (fences),
  • Greenhouses
  • Well
  • Swimming pool or
  • temporary scaffolding or bicycle parking facilities.

In these construction projects, the builders act on their own responsibility. This means that they must ensure on their own initiative that the facilities they have built or modified do not contradict public law regulations, for example the stipulations of a development plan.

In the event of deviations from the provisions of building code law (§ 71 LBO) or necessary exceptions or exemptions from provisions of construction planning law (§ 31 Baugesetzbuch BauGB), these must be applied for in writing to the lower building supervisory authority before the start of construction and justified.

Applications can be submitted informally.


Before you start construction, a possible request for deviation or similar must have been complied with.
In addition, you should clarify in advance whether permits, consents, permits and permits required for your project under other public law regulations must be obtained before the start of construction, such as permits under the municipal sewage disposal or tree protection statutes, the Monument Protection Act or the State Nature Conservation Act. Information on this can be obtained from the competent authorities.

  • §§ 63 and 71 Landesbauordnung für das Land Schleswig-Holstein (LBO),
  • § 31 of the Building Code (BauGB),
  • State Ordinance on Administrative Fees in Matters of Building Supervision (Baugebührenverordnung BauGebVO), subheading 4,
  • § 1 Landesverordnung zur Übertragung von Aufgaben der unteren Bauaufsichtsbehörde auf amtsfrei Gemeinden und Ämter (8. VO-LBO).

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