Supervision Order

With the care order, everyone can determine in advance who the court should appoint as a caregiver if it can no longer continue without legal support.

If you need a supervisor to handle your affairs, the court will also hear you as part of the supervision procedure on the question of who you want as a supervisor. If you are no longer able to comment, the court must take into account wishes that you have previously determined.
In this case, you can make a written precautionary order for the care case, also called "care order". You can use it to determine who your supervisor should become. You can also specify who should not be considered as a caregiver.

In addition to any wishes regarding the person of the caregiver, you have the option of regulating further requirements for a later care case in a care order. For example, you can make arrangements on the following questions:

  • Do I want to maintain my standard of living in case of care? Should my assets be used up if necessary?
  • Would I like to live in a particular home if a home admission is required?
  • Who would I like to be cared for by in the event of a need for care?

These are just suggestions. Their individual situation is decisive.

For reasons of proof, the supervision order should be written out in writing and signed by you with place and date.
Anyone who holds a care order drawn up by another person is obliged to deliver it to the care court after becoming aware of the initiation of proceedings for the appointment of a caregiver. Care orders can be registered for a small fee with the Central Pension Register of the Federal Chamber of Notaries


Further information can also be found on the websites of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV), the state government of Schleswig-Holstein and the Federal Medical Association.

  • BMJV - Power of Attorney, Care and Living Will
  • Childcare law
  • § 1897 Civil Code (BGB) (appointment of a natural person),
  • § 1901 c Civil Code (BGB) (Written care requests, power of attorney),
  • §§ 78a 78c Bundesnotarordnung (BNotO) (Central Pension Register).

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