Post-certification of a civil partnership from abroad Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Anyone who has established a civil partnership abroad can apply for the subsequent certification of this civil partnership.

Properly issued civil partnership certificates from abroad are generally recognised in Germany. There is no obligation to post-notarization.
The post-certification has the advantage that the German registry office can issue a German civil partnership certificate if necessary. Any translations and certifications of the foreign document will therefore no longer apply in the future.

Even after the entry into force of the Act on the Introduction of the Right to Marriage for Persons of the Same Sex on 1 October 2017, civil partnerships concluded abroad can be subsequently certified as civil partnerships in Germany. According to this law, the life partners can enter into a same-sex marriage in Germany without the foreign civil partnership having to be dissolved beforehand, since it does not constitute an obstacle to marriage under German law.

Civil partnership certificate with translation; if necessary, legalization / apostille,

  • valid identity card, passport or travel document
  • if applicable, naturalization certificate, citizenship card.
  • Since further documents may be required on a case-by-case basis, it is recommended to contact the responsible registry office in advance.

The application can be made informally.
Every life partner is entitled to apply. If both are deceased, their parents or children may submit a corresponding application.

Article 17b EGBGB

§ 20a Civil Partnership Act

§1306 BGB (German Civil Code)

§ 35 PStG

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