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Victims of crime are usually not only financially or economically damaged as a result of the crime, but also suffer psychologically from the consequences of the act. Their needs include, in addition to security against other offences, the management of the trauma resulting from the offence, assistance in restoring their dignity and compensating for the damage suffered. Victims of crime receive help from many quarters. There is the state entitlement under the Victim Compensation Act (OEG), psychosocial process support and other victim support institutions (advice centres, the women's shelters, the WEISSEN RING e.V., the Foundation for Victim Protection and others private victim support organisation). Particularly vulnerable injured persons may also have a legal right to professional support and care throughout the entire criminal proceedings, the so-called psychosocial process support. Psychosocial process support is a particularly intensive form of support before, during and after the main hearing. It includes qualified support, information and assistance in criminal proceedings. The main aim is to reduce the individual burden on the victims. Thus, the lawyer does not replace the legal assistant. Legal advice is and remains the sole task of lawyers. Process support is a non-legal accompaniment and thus an additional offer for particularly vulnerable victims. Psychosocial process attendants have the right to be present at the victim's interrogations. Die Stiftung Rheinland-Pfalz für Opferschutz unterstützt Opfer von Straftaten, die durch die Straftat in wirtschaftliche Not geraten sind. The Foundation's mission is to provide additional financial assistance to victims of crime. It is intended to help alleviate emergencies if they cannot be helped in other ways. In addition, one of the tasks of the Landesstiftung is to support non-profit organisations that are committed to the care of victims of a crime. The WEISSE RING, for example, offers the following concrete assistance for victims: psychosocial care and counselling, Mediation for further assistance and counselling services, Accompaniment to court, government, lawyer and doctor's appointments, Support for applications. Victims also receive information about financial assistance and entitlements. The following financial assistance may be possible: unbureaucratic emergency aid, assistance in compensating material and non-material damage, Financial support for mental stabilisation services, such as

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You must submit an application for a grant from the Victim Protection Foundation.

Children and adolescents who have been victims of violent and sexual offences are entitled to psychosocial legal support. However, an application must be made to the court, which, if the conditions are met, shall attach the escort to the proceedings. Adult victims may also be entitled to psychosocial legal assistance in the case of violent or sexual crimes, as well as children, parents, siblings, spouses or civil partners who have lost their loved ones to a crime. Victims who meet the requirements of the relevant guidelines receive a grant from the Victim Protection Foundation. These can be found below:

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