Parking card for craftsmen Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Craftsmen often need parking space directly at the respective site to carry out their activities. If necessary, the road traffic authorities in Rhineland-Palatinate may grant exemptions if craftsmen are required to use a motor vehicle at the place of use in order to carry out their tasks. The exemption shall be carried out in the use of the parking facilities and shall be handed over to competent supervisors for examination on request. Derogations: Exceptions to the parking bans for signs 286 (restricted stop ban) for signs 290 (no-stop zone) and signs 325 (traffic-restricted area) Exceptions to the use of parking meters, parking ticket machines or the use of parking discs Exceptions to the ban on pavement parking, whereby only those sidewalks are to be opened for parking, the width of which allows unhindered pedestrian traffic when the vehicle is parked Prohibition of the use of pedestrian areas (sign 242) Exception to the ban on parking in resident parking Other road users must not be endangered or significantly obstructed. On sidewalks, the passage width of at least 1.50 m must always remain. Designated disabled parking spaces (e.g. for severely disabled persons with exceptional walking disabilities and for blind people) may not be used under any circumstances. The use of pedestrian zones shall be limited to times permitted for delivery and to emergencies.

Written request with corresponding information (including vehicle data).

Conditions for exemptions: Exemptions shall be granted only for certain vehicles. They should be limited to the following cases: when using the vehicle as a workshop vehicle or for transporting heavy or fixed tools/materials at high urgency no other parking space available within reasonable distance of the site when used on large construction sites only under special conditions

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