Secondary school advice

During the transition from primary school to secondary school, parents receive a wide range of counselling services: Recommendation of the primary school for the half-year of grade 4 for further school attendance in the orientation level Advice from the primary school teacher, e.B. in the context of teacher-parent-student discussions Information events and open days of secondary schools

The half-yearly certificate of the fourth year of school must be presented.

The prerequisite is in principle the successful completion of the primary school. A recommendation to a grammar school can only be made if the subjects are German Mathematics Physical education at least the grade 3 has been achieved. In the other subjects, at least the grade 3 should be achieved.
The school career recommendations of the primary school are issued together with the half-yearly certificates of grade 4. Teacher-parent-student discussions also take place at the half-year of grade 4. The dates of the information events of the secondary schools are announced by the primary schools or the local media.