Social pedagogues and social workers check the requirements for granting state recognition

For foreign graduates, state recognition is granted after completion of social work courses at (technical) universities after examination of the requirements. For Rhineland-Palatinate graduates, the state recognition is granted by the university at which the social work course was completed.

For the examination of foreign degrees, the following documents must be submitted: Application (see under "Applications / Forms") As officially certified copies: the original diploma or bachelor's degree, the original attachment (Index / Diploma Supplement) to the diploma, or Bachelor's degree from which the subjects taken result, the translation of the diploma or bachelor's degree (by a publicly appointed or sworn interpreter or translator), the translation of the attachment to the diploma or bachelor's degree (by a publicly appointed or sworn interpreter or translator), Proof of professional experience and other qualifications in social work/social pedagogy obtained during or after graduation, e.B. through workbooks and work references from which the social work or socio-pedagogical tasks and activities carried out can be seen. (If necessary, please have a translation carried out by a publicly appointed or sworn interpreter or translator). In the case of a profession regulated in the state of training (profession governed by legislation), an officially certified copy of a certificate of entitlement to practise the profession in the training state must be submitted, and the translation of the certificate of entitlement to practise in the training state (by a publicly appointed or sworn interpreter or translator). Other facilities: Simple copy of proof of identity, Simple copy of a marriage certificate/ marriage certificate if a different name (birth name) than the current one is indicated in the training documents Curriculum vitae in tabular form and Personal statement Further documents necessary in individual cases may be requested after receipt of the application.

The application must be submitted using the application form and attaching the necessary documents.

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Foreign graduates: The application for state recognition can be submitted by anyone enrolled in social work or social pedagogy courses of study or in a comparable course of study at a state or state-recognized university of applied sciences/vocational academy. has successfully completed a six-month course of study and then successfully completed a professional internship (two-phase training) or a diploma programme including two practical semesters accompanied by the University of Applied Sciences with a diploma or has successfully completed a Bachelor's degree including practical training of at least 60 credit points with a Bachelor of Arts (single-phase training) and possesses the personal reliability and german language skills required for the exercise of the profession. Identified shortcomings that prevent the granting of state recognition may be compensated for by adjustment measures. Further information shall be provided by the competent authority. .

There is no state recognition for studying at universities as is the case with university of applied sciences degrees. For university degrees obtained abroad, you can apply for a certificate assessment of your higher education qualification. The Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) is responsible. Your professional and academic use will be certified. The certificate assessment is intended to facilitate your access to the German labour market. Do not submit original documents and refrain from using application folders and sight covers. The submitted documents remain with the Ministry of Family, Women, Youth, Integration and Consumer Protection and will not be returned. We assume no liability for unsolicited original documents.

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