Declaration of custody Declaration

If parents are not married to each other at the time of the birth of a child, they are jointly entitled to parental care if they declare that they want to take care together (declaration of concern). This must be publicly certified. The declaration of custody can also be given before the child is born. Note: If this declaration is not made, the mother has sole custody.

The parents of a child are not married and were not married to each other and want to exercise parental care together. In addition, paternity has already been recognised or established.

is a declaration of intent of the unmarried parents to exercise parental care together this can be done both before (not if the mother of the child is still married) and after the birth of the child a time limit of the declaration is not possible if no declaration is made, the mother retains sole custody The funding is carried out publicly by the Youth Office or a notary if the parents marry after the declaration has been made, the declaration of custody shall be issued by the statutory provisions on the Custody replaced
prior appointment satisining is required the personal appearance of both parents is indispensable can be carried out independently of each other in exceptional cases mutual powers of attorney are not possible Recognition of paternity is required (see separate benefit) Paternity recognition can be preceded on the same date