Certificate of expertise for pest control

The Authority shall issue a certificate of competence for the activity in question. For this purpose, evidence must be provided that the personnel conditions for pest control are met.

Proof of expertise: Experts are able to train regularly and the audit in accordance with the Regulation on the certified conclusion "Certified Pest Controller/Certified Pest Controller" or the examination for an assistant or master of pest control according to law no longer in force in the old Länder or under the law of the former GDR, or has been shown to have acquired a comparable expertise in a Member State of the European Communities. It is also competent to know who has taken an examination or successfully completed an education which has been recognised by the competent authority as equivalent to the above-mentioned examinations.

It is competent to pass an examination or successfully complete an education which has been recognised by the competent authority. Pest control must be carried out in such a way as not to endanger humans and the environment.