Providing educational assistance

Persons entitled - usually parents, possibly a guardian or carer - have a legal right to help with education if an education corresponding to the best interests of the child or young person is not guaranteed and the help is suitable and necessary for its development. This supplementary assistance is provided to parents, but is based on the interests of the child or adolescent. The basis for the provision of appropriate pedagogical services is the assistance plan procedure, in which both guardians, children or young people and the Youth Office must be involved. It offers educational counselling, social group work, educational assistance, caregivers, social-educational family support, day-group education, full-time care, home education and other forms of care, as well as intensive social-educational individual care. For mentally handicapped children, in addition to the integration aid, auvh support for education can be provided.

Please submit applications for educational assistance to the youth office of your district or district-free city.

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