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Home nursing from the field of statutory health insurance is granted if hospital treatment is required, but not executable, is avoided or shortened by home nursing, or home nursing is necessary to ensure the objective of medical treatment, and no person living in the household can care for and care for the sick person to the required extent. One of the possible services of home nursing is treatment care. From 1 January 2017, insured persons will receive the necessary basic care and domestic care at suitable locations due to serious illness or acute exacerbation of an illness, in particular after hospitalisation, outpatient surgery or outpatient hospital treatment provided that there is no need for care. A simultaneous need for medical treatment care is exceptionally not necessary in these cases. The entitlement exists for up to four weeks per case of illness. It can be extended by the health insurance company in justified exceptional cases after the involvement of the medical service. Basic care and domestic care services can also be offered by the health insurance companies as statutory services. The services of home nursing care must be medically necessary and therefore prescribed by a doctor in any case. The benefits of long-term care insurance are provided in the field of home care in the form of services, benefits in kind and in cash as well as reimbursement of costs. A prerequisite for long-term care insurance benefits are at least minor health-related impairments of self-employment or the abilities that make help from others necessary. A further prerequisite is that the need for help is permanent, probably for at least six months. The determination of the need for care is made after application to the nursing care fund by the medical service of the health insurance or by experts commissioned by it. The amount of benefits depends on the degree of care. The degree of care results from the severity of the restrictions, measured in a point range between 0 and 100. Care level 1: Minor impairments of independence or skills from 12.5 to less than 27 total points. Care level 2: significant impairments of independence or skills from 27 to less than 47.5 total points. Care level 3: severe impairments of independence or abilities from 47.5 to less than 70 total points. Care level 4: severe impairments of independence or skills from 70 to less than 90 total points. Care level 5: severe impairments of independence or abilities with special requirements for nursing care from 90 to 100 total points or in the case of special needs constellations that have a specific, exceptionally high need for help with special requirements for nursing care. In the case of home care, the care allowance and the care benefit in kind are particularly relevant. The monthly amount is for Care level 2 Care allowance: 316 Euro Care benefit in kind: 689 euros. Care level 3 Care allowance: 545 Euro Care benefit in kind: 1298 euros. Care level 4 Care allowance: 728 Euro Care benefit in kind: 1612 Euro.' Care level 5 Care allowance: 901 Euro Care benefit in kind: 1995 euros. In addition, there is a right to further benefits, for example to a relief amount of 125 euros per month, which is also granted at care level 1. Further information can be found at the 135 care centres in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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