Vehicle registration: Re-registration outside the registration district in the event of a change of owner

If a change of owner has taken place in a vehicle, the new owner must apply for registration (transfer). If the new owner has his residence / place of business in another district or city, the application must be submitted to the competent licensing authority of the district / city there. This also applies if the previous license plate is to be continued.

valid identity card or passport with the original of the last registration certificate of the place of residence; foreign nationals need a valid identity document with a current registration certificate a power of attorney if an authorised representative submits the application (the authorised representative's identity card and a copy of the vehicle owner's identity card are required) Registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration document) Registration certificate Part II (vehicle registration document) previous license plate(s) (if a new license plate is to be re-assigned) Test report of the last main inspection (HU) Insurance confirmation (eVB number) for companies: additional business registration or excerpt from the commercial register for clubs: in addition, extract from the register of associations and identification of the responsible person(s) entitled to signature (board) for underage vehicle owners: additional declaration of consent of both parents or guardians (if applicable custody judgment) and their identity card/passport with registration certificate

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