Plan approval Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The planning approval is a formal administrative procedure in Germany for the binding official determination of a plan in cases provided for by law. All public-law relations between the promoter of the project and those affected by the plan will be regulated in a legal way. The planning approval includes and bundles other official approvals, permits, approvals and approvals. Without the planning approval, a large number of public service procedures would have to be carried out for larger projects, which would make efficient and consistent planning very difficult and time-consuming. The full participation of citizens and stakeholders will be ensured through the possibility of objections and a possible discussion date. Especially the establishment and modification of Bergbahnen Power lines from 110 kV, airports and landing sites, gas supply lines over 300 mm in diameter, Railway lines the construction of dikes and water expansion as well as the new building and significant changes to federal, state and county roads are generally subject to the planning approval.