Building permit: Exemption procedure Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The construction and modification, in particular of residential buildings of building classes 1 3 (i.e. the floor of no floor in which common rooms are possible may be on average more than 7 m above the surface of the site) including their outbuildings and ancillary facilities, does not require planning permission if: the building is within the scope of a qualified development plan or a project-related development plan, the project complies with the determinations of this development plan, and the development is secured. This does not apply, among other things, if the municipality declares that a building permit procedure is to be carried out. In the case of projects such as residential buildings of building class 4 up to the high-rise boundary, which meet the above-mentioned conditions, the exemption procedure shall be carried out at the request of the client. The building documents, which must be signed by the client and a draft author entitled to submit a building proposal, must be submitted to the municipal administration or the municipal administration. The building documents in detail are determined by the Land Ordinance on Building Documents and the Construction Engineering Examination.