Building permit/ building application Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The construction, modification, change of use and demolition of buildings (e.B. buildings) require planning permission. However, this only applies if the Land Building Code of Rhineland-Palatinate does not stipulate otherwise as in the catalogue of projects without planning permission, in the exemption procedure and in the construction supervision non-subject projects. A building permit must be granted if the project is not precluded by any building law or other public law regulations. The application for a building permit (building application) must be submitted in writing to the municipal administration or the municipal administration of the association. The construction documents that have to be submitted with the building application are determined in particular by the Land Ordinance on Building Documents and the Construction Engineering Examination. The building application and the building documents must be signed by the client and the draftsman, who are entitled to submit the building. The building permit is valid for four years. This period may be extended upon written request. The application must be received before the deadline.

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