Apply for a hunting licence Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you want to hunt, you must carry a hunting license in your name. You can apply for this after successfully completing the hunter examination. The hunting licence is valid for a limited period and can subsequently be extended. It is valid throughout Germany. For persons who are in possession of a foreign hunting licence and wish to hunt in Germany, special regulations apply depending on the situation of the individual case.

Documents required for the issuance (or extension) of a hunting licence: Certificate of the passed hunter test in the original (on first application), or previously released hunting licence or, certificate from a lower hunting authority that the applicant has already been issued with a hunting licence, Photo (only for first exhibition and new exhibition) proof of passing of an examination with the examination subject "Hunting" in the course of a prescribed training for the forestry service or proof of a passed district hunter examination, Proof of the existence of statutory hunting liability insurance with the prescribed cover sums (five hundred thousand euros for personal injury and fifty thousand euros for property damage The hunting authority also requests unlimited information from the Federal Central Register. Certain entries on a strictly designed basis prohibit the issuance of the hunting permit or effect its immediate withdrawal.

Minimum age: 16 years Proof of the required expertise by the hunter test Proof of hunting liability insurance Reliability and personal aptitude to carry a weapon Note: If you are between 16 and 18 years old, you can apply for a youth hunting license. With this, you may hunt only in the company of a person with the legal guardian or a supervisor commissioned by the parent in writing. The accompanying person must be experienced in hunting. The youth hunting licence does not entitle you to participate in social hunts.

The valid hunting licence alone does not entitle you to hunt. In addition, a private permit for hunting in a hunting district is required. These can be obtained, for example, by renting a hunting district, by issuing a hunting permit or by inviting a person entitled to hunt. Further information on the hunting licence can be found here:
The first issue of a hunting licence is in principle dependent on the applicant having passed a hunter's examination in Germany. The hunter test consists of a written as well as oral-practical part and a shooting test. The hunter test shall be carried out by the lower hunting authority in whose territory the applicant is habitually resident. It may also be carried out by the lower hunting authority in whose territory the applicant has completed the hunting training. The theoretical and practical training in preparation for the hunter examination (hunting training) is carried out according to a framework plan of the highest hunting authority (competent ministry) in a recognised training course: in the case of an association of hunters or at a hunting school, or at least six months with a mentor.