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The aim of hunting is, among other things: to maintain a species-rich and healthy wild population and to develop it in a relationship adapted to its natural livelihoods and local cultural conditions; to safeguard and improve the natural livelihoods of the game, protect endangered wild species, safeguard their population and increase them, avoid any adverse use of land, forestry and fishing by game; preserving the diversity of wild animal species as an essential part of biodiversity and the natural balance, to ensure a sustainable form of use close to nature. Hunting law is the exclusive power to have, hunt and appropriate hunting in a particular area of wild animals subject to hunting law. The right to hunt is linked to the obligation to hunt. Hege includes all measures aimed at the development and preservation of a species-rich and healthy wild population adapted to the landscape and landscape-cultural conditions as well as the maintenance and safeguarding of its natural livelihoods. Impairment of proper agricultural, forestry and fishing management, in particular damage to the game, should be avoided. Hunting is the search, re-energising, slaying and catching of game. The right to appropriate game also includes the exclusive power to appropriate sick or dead game, fall game and drop-off rods, as well as the eggs of feathered game. The shooting of the game must be regulated in such a way as to safeguard the legitimate claims of the land, forestry and fisheries industries for protection against wildlife damage, as well as the interests of nature conservation, landscape management and the control of animal health. The firing scheme is intended to help maintain a healthy wild population of all native wild species in an appropriate number and, in particular, to ensure the protection of wild species whose population is threatened. The requirements of silvibe sfarming and the prevention of damage to the game must be given priority over the numerical hege of a game species. When hunting, the principles of grazing justice, which are particularly useful for animal welfare, must be observed.

For more information, please visit the website of the Rhineland-Palatinate State Forests.

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