Drainage permit Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The connection to and use of the public waste water system requires a statutory drainage permit. Changes to the land drainage system, to the waste water conditions underlying the drainage permit or to the connection to the waste water system require a corresponding modification permit. In their drainage statutes, the municipalities have laid down discharge conditions for the waste water in order to ensure the proper operation of the sewerage system and the sewage treatment plant. When granting the drainage permit, they also decide whether pre-treatment of waste water is necessary, particularly in the industrial and commercial sectors. The disposal of rainwater via municipal sewerage also requires drainage permits.

The targeted, harmless discharge of collected precipitation water over 8 m3 per day or possible contamination of the precipitation water is required for a water permit issued by the competent water authority. Whether a connection to the municipal sewerage system is necessary due to the municipal statutes or the local conditions must be clarified in advance with the municipal or association administration.