Send postal ballot documents

You have received an election notification and want to cast your vote by postal ballot on Election Day. In this case, you can apply for election documents for a postal ballot. Where and how to apply for the documents is indicated on the back of your election notification. You can have the documents for the postal ballot sent to you or you can collect them from the local authority. If you collect your polling card and postal ballot documents in person from the local authority, you can cast your vote on the spot. You can also commission a person of your trust to collect the postal ballot documents. The authorised representative or authorised representative requires a written authorisation for this. You can send the completed election documents to the place indicated on the ballot envelope or hand them in person to this body.

They must be eligible to vote and entered in the electoral register.

If you are uninformed or prevented from casting your vote by postal ballot because of a disability, another person may help you. This person must have reached the age of 16 and must be insured by taking oaths to confirm that he or she has marked the ballot paper according to his declared will.
You can apply for the polling card orally, in writing or electronically with the competent municipal authority. Anyone who presents the polling card for another person must prove that he is entitled to do so by submitting a written authorisation. Ballot tickets can be applied for regularly until the second day before the election, 6 p.m. If you are unable to visit the polling station if you have a proven sudden illness, or if you have unreasonable difficulties, you can apply for the ballot paper until 3 p.m. on Election Day. Upon your request, you will receive the following documents: the ballot paper, the official ballot paper, the official ballot paper envelope, the official election envelope and the postal ballot leaflet explaining the postal vote To vote by postal ballot: Mark the ballot paper in person. Place the ballot paper in the designated official ballot paper envelope and close it. Sign the insurance preprinted on the ballot paper on oath instead of for postal ballot, indicating the day. Put the sealed official ballot paper envelope and the signed ballot paper in the official ballot envelope. Close the ballot envelope. Send the ballot paper in good time to the location indicated on the ballot envelope. The ballot paper can also be submitted to this office. Detailed information on postal voting with illustrative pictures can be found in the postal ballot leaflet, which all postal voters receive with postal ballot documents.