Issuing a marriage certificate Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Marriage is entered (certified) in the registry of the registry office. On the basis of this certificate_ as long as the register entry has not yet been stored, also on the basis of a record, the registry office issues a marriage certificate on request. A marriage certificate lists: the first and last names of the spouses, Place and day of their birth, where applicable, the religious affiliation and Place and day of marriage. If the marriage is dissolved, this will be announced at the end of the marriage certificate. In addition, a certified expression from the marriage register may also be issued.

The request may be made orally, in writing or by fax. Many registry offices have also put an electronic form on their website with which certificates can be ordered.

The personal data of the civil status registers are subject to data protection. Marriage certificates can therefore only be issued for people to which the entry refers as well as their Spouse life partner (within the meaning of the Life Partnership Act) and ancestors and descendants. Other persons, including close relatives such as siblings, aunts and uncles, will only receive a marriage certificate if they can establish a legal interest (for example, by a letter from the probate court, a court ruling or an enforceable title).

Personal application: Visit the relevant registry office. To legitimise, present your identity card or passport. You usually pay the fee in advance when applying to the registry office. A person of your trust may apply for and collect the certificate for you, your representative will present your own identity card or passport in addition to a written authorisation and your identity card or passport or a certified copy of it. Application by post or fax Send an informal letter to the competent registry office asking you to issue a marriage certificate. Depending on the offer of the city or municipality, you will also find application forms on the Internet. Your letter must include the following information: Name, First Name Date and place of birth Date of marriage Information on the spouse if known: registry office and certificate number Attach a certified copy of your identity card or passport to the letter. By sending the certificate, you will receive a fee notice.