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In order to participate in an election as a candidate, some popular support is required. Therefore, all electoral laws require that, in order to be eligible for the election of citizens entitled to vote, a certain number of signatures of support from citizens entitled to vote must be submitted for nominations by parties, constituencies, groups of voters and individual candidates who are not represented by a minimum number of Members of Parliament or the body to be elected. In the case of a constituency proposal for the Landtag election, that is 125 signatures, for a Land list 2080 signatures. In local elections, the number of signatures of support depends on the number of inhabitants of the local authority concerned.

The forms for the support signatures are provided by the municipal, district, state or federal returning officer, depending on the type of election, after the nomination has been drawn up. The signatures of support with the voting rights certificates shall be attached to the nomination.

Further information on this topic can be found on the website of the Rhineland-Palatinate Land Returning Officer.
The signatures of support shall be made in person and in hand on official forms issued by the relevant election authorities on request to the nominees. Each person entitled to vote may support only one nomination with his signature. For each supporter, his or her right to vote must be confirmed by the municipality responsible for his or her main residence. The voting rights certificate is usually issued on the same form on which the signature of the support was also provided; it is free of charge.

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