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The death of a person must be reported to the registry office. Notifiable: In the event of death in hospitals, nursing homes and similar institutions, the obligation to notify applies to the institution. In the case of deaths outside such institutions, a death is required to be reported in the following order: any person who has lived with the deceased in a domestic community, the person in whose apartment the death occurred, any other person who was present at the time of death or who is informed of the death of his own knowledge. This group also includes the supervisors, who usually take over the advertisement after the clinics. the competent local authority if it becomes aware of the death and there is no notifiable or his whereabouts are unknown If an official investigation is carried out into the death, the person responsible for the death shall be notified.

The following documents of the deceased are required: the marriage or civil partnership certificate of the last marriage or civil partnership and, if applicable, proof of dissolution, the birth certificate, proof of the last place of residence as well as a medical certificate of death.

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