Register your place of residence

Would you like to move into an apartment? Then you must register with the registration office within two weeks of moving in.

Anyone who moves into an apartment must register with the registration office of their place of residence within two weeks. If the registration authority of your new place of residence has Internet access for registration, you can register via this access by submitting the requested information and using the electronic authentication provided there.

If you comply with your reporting obligation within the two-week period, you will save yourself unnecessary problems and trouble. In the event of a breach of the obligation to report, for example, there are problems with vehicle registration, the acquisition of a driver's license or when applying for a certificate of good conduct.

  • Registration form: The registration authority has this ready for you. As a rule, the required data is included directly in the automated procedure by the clerks of the registration authority.
  • Identity card or passport as proof of identity and to change the apartment details or national passport with residence permit or visa
  • Confirmation of move-in from your landlord (landlord's confirmation). For this purpose, a form is available for this service description, which must be completed and submitted to the registration authority when registering. If you move into an apartment owned by you, the confirmation of move-in will be made on the form as a self-declaration.
  • If you are moving from abroad, the registration office may need your marriage certificate or, in the case of children, the birth certificate. In the case of foreign documents, a translation by a state-approved translator is also required. Certificate and translation must be presented in the original.


If spouses, life partners and family members move in with the same immigration dates (date of arrival as well as previous and current apartments), the registration by one of the reportable persons is sufficient. In this case, the identity documents of all persons to be moved in (in the case of children: children's passport or birth certificate) should be presented at the time of registration.

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  • ยงยง 17 et seq. Federal Registration Act

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