Residence Deregistration Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you move out of an apartment and do not move into another home in Germany, you will need to unsubscribe. The most important cases are the move abroad or the deregistration of a secondary dwelling. If you move within Germany, you do not have to unsubscribe. It is sufficient if you register with your new municipality.

Identity card or passport if the notifier has reached the age of 16 Personal documents of family members who are deregistered together on a deregistration slip for children: children's passport or birth certificate The competent authority may require the submission of further documents to prove the information (e.g. marriage certificate). If you send the completed registration form by post to the responsible body, enclose a copy of the personal documents for yourself and all family members to be deregistration.

For persons under 16 years of age, care must be taken to ensure that they are deregistered by the persons from whose accommodation they move out.

You can either make the deregistration in person (preliminary consultation with the Citizens' Office) or in writing. After the deregistration, you will receive a confirmation of unsubscribe.

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