Residence change Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you move, you will need to register at your new residence within two weeks. For children up to the age of 16, the person in whose accommodation the children move must make the registration. Where appropriate, the consent of the guardian is required.

Identity card or passport if the notifier has reached the age of 16 Housing provider confirmation Personnel documents of family members reported jointly on a registration document for children: children's passport or birth certificate The registration authority may require the submission of further documents to prove the information (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce judgment).

In order to participate in an election in the municipality, you must live in the municipality for at least three months and be eligible to vote. If you register with a municipality with a main residence, you will be automatically entered in the electoral register at the next upcoming election or vote. Special features apply to the European elections for foreign citizens of the Union.
In order to register, you must in principle audition in person at the registration authority and fill in and sign the officially prescribed registration document.   Depending on the offer of the municipality, the filling in of the registration document can be omitted and the data can be received directly. You must then confirm the accuracy of the data by signature on a printout. You need a registration confirmation from your landlord (apartment provider confirmation). For this purpose, a form is available for this service description, which must be submitted to the reporting authority when registering. If you move into an apartment owned by you, the collection confirmation will be made on the form as a self-declaration.   Family members and members of a civil partnership should share a registration document when they move from a shared dwelling to a new shared dwelling on the same day. In this case, the application by one of the persons subject to notification is sufficient.   After the registration, you will receive a confirmation of registration.   If the competent body of your new place of residence has opened an Internet access for the registration, you can also transmit the requested information via this access using the electronic authentication provided therein.   Form Housing confirmation fillable fields