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Rats usually occur where they find sufficient food, shelter and nesting opportunities. Their feces and urine cause odour nuisance and they also transmit dangerous diseases.

In addition to shady veins (e.g. wandering rat, house rat and house mouse), vermin (e.g. cockroaches, flour moths, bacon beetles) is also a hygienal pest that contaminates food and/or buildings, destroys supplies and food and ultimately also causes technical defects.
If you want to report rats, the following must be observed: Landowners have to hire a pest controller/chamber hunter themselves. Tenants must first ask the owner to fix the problem. (If the landlord refuses to take this measure, the tenant can contact the competent public order office. A copy of the tenant's written request must be available.) If the polluter is demonstrably a third party, please contact the public order office.

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