Schools approve scientific research projects

If you are pursuing a scientific research project in schools (studies, surveys, test series, etc.), you will need permission from the school authority (directorate of supervision and services) and the consent of the persons concerned (teachers, pupils or their parents).

Necessary documents: Information on the investigation management, a brief but conclusive description of the course, scope and objectives of the project, as well as a description of the planned evaluation and feedback of results information letter for the participants, which expressly refers in particular to the voluntary nature of participation and page 2 of 4 non-discrimination in the event of non-participation and provides data for contacting the responsible body, Letter for written consent to participation, in which information on the retention and destruction of the data is provided and a reference is made to the possibility of revoking consent without giving reasons and without any associated disadvantages, letters to the legal guardians (in the case of minor investigators) inorderising them accordingly about the planned investigation and seeking their consent for the child's participation, survey tools as view copies (e.B. questionnaire, interview guide) or description of the planned procedure (e.B. observation criteria), declaration that it is ensured that unauthorised third parties do not gain access to the data collection, Overview of the schools where the project is to be carried out or a designation of the types of school with class level and the spatial area in which the study is to take place (e.B. grade 9 of all grammar schools in the area of the city of Mainz or similar)

The application must be submitted in writing or electronically.

Authorisation may be granted if the project has a significant pedagogical,scientific or equivalent interest and if the burden on the school is within reasonable limits.

The universities of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate have been granted a general authorisation to carry out scientific studies in schools; there is an obligation to notify. If no objection is raised by the Directorate of Supervision and Services within three weeks of notification, the investigation shall be deemed to have been approved.

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