High school

In order to continue their education at a grammar school, students must register in writing. The grammar schools in Rhineland-Palatinate provide pupils with an in-depth general education and enable a comprehensive personal education. In the upper secondary school, the students can set professional priorities according to their abilities and interests. The Gymnasium is based on the primary school as a secondary school form. In its traditional form, it includes intermediate (secondary level I) and upper secondary education (upper secondary level). In Rhineland-Palatinate, this is also referred to as the Mainz study level. It includes year 11-13 in the nine-year course and year 10-12 in the eight-year course. In the nine-year course, year 13 is shortened so that students who want to study can reach the summer semester. With successfully passed Abitur (General University Entrance Qualification), pupils can either start their studies or start vocational training.

To register at the Gymnasium: Half-year certificate of year 4, School transition recommendation, where appropriate, the learning plan.

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