Participate in a training study

The enrolment examination is compulsory for all children who are to be enrolled. Doctors of the Public Health Service examine the children before enrollment for health impairments that are likely to affect school ability. The primary objective of this study is therefore to be able to initiate treatment or support measures in good time before the start of school. Doctors do not decide whether a child is trained or deferred from school. The decision is taken by the headteacher. A deferral is usually only made if this is necessary for health reasons.

In the invitation letter you will find information about the documents to be brought with you for the investigation. As a rule, these are: yellow precautionary booklet, Vaccination card, Anamnesis sheet, if available: glasses, healing aids.

Your child has reached the age of six by 31 August of a year. Children must be enrolled in school.

In principle, the specified examination date must be adhered to. If the examination date is prevented, the competent authority and the school must be notified immediately.
The primary school responsible shall notify the health board of enrolment (or, for children who are not yet required to attend school but registered for early schooling, by 15 March) all children registered to attend school by 15 October of the previous year( or, in the case of children who are not yet required to attend school but are registered for early school. The health board will notify parents of the examination dates in good time. Primary schools will be informed about children whose physical development does not suggest successful cooperation until 31 January and 31 May respectively. On this basis, the school consults with parents on further measures.