Animal by-products: elimination (animal body removal) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Dead animals such as farm animals, dead pets and certain waste of animal origin, such as.B. slaughterhouse waste or food waste from restaurants or large kitchens, must be properly disposed of. The destruction of these carcasses and waste is an important part of the fight against animal health and public health. Only through effective treatment is it possible to render detected or unrecognized pathogens of diseases in carcasses or their parts harmless. Therefore, dead animals and certain animal components, e.B. must be disposed of properly in a special isthed for slaughter. Kitchen and catering waste from the catering industry and large kitchens containing animal parts (e.B. meat residues, sausages) are also subject to the legally regulated disposal. Dead pets do not belong in the bioton or on the compost. If you have your own property and it is not in a water conservation area, you may also bury your pet on your property. The carcase must be covered by a layer of soil at least 50 cm thick. Have you found a dead pet? If the animal is on your own property, you as the owner of the property have to dispose of the animal. If the animal is in the public transport area, please contact the local regulatory authority.