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Jobs/construction measures that have an impact on the road and road traffic must be secured by traffic signs/traffic facilities and road traffic regulated. If roads, paths and squares have to be used by workplaces/construction work or other uses (e.B. storage of building materials, installation of construction equipment), these areas must be secured by traffic signs and traffic facilities. It does not matter whether it is jobs / construction measures on the road itself or work next to or above the road.
Before commencing work that has an impact on road traffic, those responsible must obtain instructions from the competent authority on how to close off and mark their workplaces, whether and how traffic is to be restricted, directed and regulated and, if necessary, whether traffic is to be restricted, directed and regulated and, if necessary, operate traffic signs. When submitting the application, the following must be indicated, among other things: Complete address details of the applicant including telephone number/e-mail for queries Type of specific project Exact location information/description of the location/possibly making a sketch Duration/period of the measure (possibly with time) Responsible for traffic safety with full name and telephone number for accessibility at any time
Written application is required. In some cases, the road traffic authorities have corresponding application forms ready or can be downloaded from the homepage.


Official traffic signs and devices may only be installed if they have been previously ordered by the competent authority. The applicant/contractor must implement the road safety measures ordered by the road traffic authority on his own responsibility. Private individuals can also use a specialist company or borrow the traffic signs and facilities there. In individual cases, barrier material can also be borrowed from the municipal building yards (possibly for a fee); the road traffic authorities may also provide information on this in individual cases.
Guidelines for Securing Workplaces on Roads (RSA)

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