Construction loads/catalogue of construction loads Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Landowners may, by declaration to the Building Inspectorate, assume public-law obligations for a act, toleration or omission affecting their land which does not already result from public building law. The purpose of the construction load is to remove obstacles that could prevent a development (or change of use) in individual cases. An example is the parking space load, which, under certain conditions, can be used under public law to ensure that the required car parking spaces are produced on another plot of land within reasonable distance. A construction load is assumed by written declaration to the building inspectorate. The signature must be publicly certified or made before or recognised by the building inspectorate. Without prejudice to the rights of third parties, the construction loads shall become effective with the entry in the building load list. Building burdens remain even in the event of the sale of the land, thus also having an effect on legal successors. The construction load is substitated by written renunciation by the building inspectorate. The waiver must be declared when there is no longer a public interest in the construction load. Before renouncing, the obliged party or persons and the beneficiaries of the construction burden shall be consulted. The waiver takes effect with the entry in the building load list. Anyone who presents a legitimate interest can consult the building load list and have copies given.