Vehicle registration number: red 06er (dealers, manufacturers, workshops) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

For test, test and transfer journeys of unregistered vehicles, the red 06 dealer registration number (e.g. for car manufacturers and parts manufacturers, dealers, workshops) is intended. The number plate number not assigned to any vehicle always starts with "06". The license plates may only be used for the own operation. The red number plate shall only be used with the special vehicle registration booklet. Conditions Upon receipt of the application for issuance, it will be checked whether the applicant belongs to the eligible group of persons and is personally reliable. For this purpose, the municipal or municipal authority responsible for the applicant and the responsible police authority shall be consulted. It is a certificate of leadership and, if necessary, a certificate of leadership. an extract from the VZR and/or the trade register. Before the mark is allocated, an on-site operational inspection may also be carried out to establish the true conditions.

Certificate of leadership of the owner or controller Business registration in the case of legal persons: extract of the commercial register and identity card of the managing director/authorized representative Insurance confirmation (eVB number) Information from the above-mentioned registers, if they have been sent to you, otherwise proof of the application for the information SEPA direct debit mandate for the collection of motor vehicle tax If you entrust a third party with the registration of the change, the latter requires a written authorisation from you; in addition, he must present your personal document (in the original) to the admissions office. He himself must have the personnel document that is relevant to him in order to identify himself.

The number plates are tax-advantaged. They are subject to a flat-rate vehicle tax of (currently) EUR 46.02 for motorcycles and EUR 191.73 for all other vehicles.

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