Vehicle registration plate: green number plate

Vehicles whose holders are exempt from vehicle tax may be assigned green label plates on a white background. Certain vehicles exempt from vehicle tax have registration plates with green lettering and green margins on a white background. For example, vehicles from non-profit organisations as well as agricultural and forestry companies may be exempt. In addition, special trailers for the transport of sports equipment or animals for sporting purposes used exclusively for these purposes may be exempted from vehicle tax and the vehicles used in this process may be given green label markings. certain trailers. If the conditions for a tax exemption no longer appear, the label with a green label must be returned and one must be drawn up by the licensing authority with a black label. Vehicles with green registration plates may only be used for the purposes which were decisive for the exemption from motor vehicle tax. If the vehicle is used for a different purpose, this constitutes a violation of the tax code and may be prosecuted.

Further information, including which documents are required for approval, will be displayed by clicking on the respective link: Initial registration Re-registration of a decommissioned motor vehicle Reclassification to another holder within the admission district Reclassification to another holder outside the admission sa, In order to be able to prove the exemption, it is recommended to submit the corresponding notification of the supply office / the corresponding confirmation of the main customs office to the approval authority.

Vehicles with the green number plate may not be used for other purposes. If the vehicle is used for a different purpose, this is a violation of the tax code and can be prosecuted.
The application for the allocation of a green number plate shall be submitted to the registration authority in connection with the registration of the vehicle.