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If you want to operate a restaurant, you generally need a permit (concession). The reservation of permission is intended to ensure that the company does not pose any dangers (e.B. for the safety and health of the guests, hygiene protection) or unreasonable nuisances (e.B. noise and odor emissions). A restaurant is operated by anyone who commercially administers drinks and/or food for consumption on the spot (pub/catering industry), if the establishment is accessible to everyone or certain groups of people. No permission is needed if you only: soft drinks, free samples, prepared food, or in conjunction with an accommodation establishment Drinks and prepared food to house guests administered. The freedom from permission does not release from compliance with other trade law regulations, such as the obligation to notify, blocking time regulation, food law regulations, building law (e.B. with regard to the question of toilets). preconditions: The restaurant permit is issued for a specific person (including legal) and for certain rooms. Furthermore, permission is granted for a specific operating mode (e.B. bar, dining, bar, discotheque, dance café, etc.). To obtain a permit, you must prove the following: Your personal reliability Your "professional" suitability as well as certain object-related prerequisites. Procedure: Permission is granted on request. For this purpose, the form must be completed and signed and submitted personally. This is followed by the verification of the applicant and the premises.

To check personal reliability: Identity card or passport Police clearance certificate Excerpt from the Central Trade Register Clearance certificate from the tax office responsible for you (place of residence). Clearance certificate from the trade tax authority (municipality) To check your "professional" suitability: a certificate from the health authority on the initial instruction according to the Infection Protection Act, which must not be older than 3 months when taking up the activity proof of information from a Chamber of Commerce and Industry, or Proof of exemption pursuant to No. 3.4 of the General Administrative Regulation on the Proof of Information in the Restaurant Act To check the object-related prerequisites: Rental, lease or purchase contract and Proof that the operating rooms are suitable for the activity you intend to do (if necessary by construction drawings / floor plans of all operating rooms including sanitary facilities) Note: Please note that the list is not exhaustive. As part of the review of your individual case, further documents may be required from the competent authority. .

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