Special use permit on public roads and squares Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

You will need a special use permit if you want to use public roads and squares differently from what is provided for by the road load carrier (or, by way of derogation from road traffic regulations). This constitutes a special use, which is subject to a permit and a fee. Special uses of a commercial nature are e.g.: Sales cars/ stalls Goods delivery points in front of our own shops Information booths Advertising display/advertising boards Street café (setting up tables/chairs) Bicycle rack Postering Contents of the permission: The special use permit is usually issued for a limited period or on revocation subject to change. This permission is accompanied by conditions that must be complied with. In the context of control activities, unauthorised special uses or non-compliance with conditions arising from the special use permit are included and appropriate regulatory measures are taken (e.g. warning, fines, and periodic penalty payment, replacement provision).

In the applications, the Location the nature and duration of the special use and the size of the required road surfaces Specify.