Operation of a arcade Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you want to run a gaming hall or a company that is exclusively or primarily concerned with the installation of gaming equipment or the organisation of other games, you need permission.

To check personal reliability: Certificate of leadership Information from the Business Central Register Certificate of safety from the tax office Information from the debtor stake To check the suitiveness of the site: Floor plan for the operating rooms (for commercial operation of a arcade) Note: Please note that the list is not exhaustive. As part of the review of your individual case, further documentation may be required by the competent authority.

The condition for the permit is the commercial reliability of the applicant The rooms intended for the operation of the amusement arcade must be suitable according to their location and condition, i.e. comply with the police and construction regulations. Since 1.7.2012, a gambling permit for the construction and operation of a arcade is part of the permit according to the Trade Code and is granted by the competent (commercial) authority (concentration effect). The competent licensing authority shall involve the Directorate of Supervision and Services and obtain their approval/approval.

This permission is personal and building-related, so you need a arcade permit that is in your person,even if you want to take over an existing arcade from someone else. If you are the stand-up of the play equipment yourself, you also need a installation permit in accordance with Section 33c (1) of the Commercial Code (GewO) as well as a certificate of suitability in accordance with Section 33c (3) GewO.