Teacher training clerk admission

Admission to the preparatory service is processed - separately for the individual teaching posts - at the Trier Supervisory and Services Directorate (ADD). The ADD assigns the posts to be filled according to suitability, competence and professional performance and, together with the study seminars, allocates them to the training schools.

Application form (you will receive the automatic e-mail notification after successful online application); Personnel sheet (you will receive the automatic e-mail notification after successful online application); a passport picture from the latest times (please note the name on the back of the picture); Declaration, as well as information on the duty of constitutional fidelity in the civil service (you will receive with the automatic e-mail notification after successful online application, as here in the appendix); complete CV (in tabular form), dated and signed; civil status certificates; officially certified copy of the certificate of maturity or a subject-related study qualification; if necessary, proof (officially certified) for the assertion of a waiting period that meets the requirements of Section 127 paragraph 4 of the Land Civil Servants Act (LBG), e.B. military service, Federal Voluntary Service; officially certified copy of the certificate of the First State Examination for the teaching post in question, or officially certified copies of the Bachelor's and Master's degrees as well as the corresponding examination certificate and the certificate of recognition of the university examination as the first state examination (applicants from RLP)

You will receive the required forms automatically by e-mail after your online application.

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For the recruitment to the preparatory service, a completed teacher training course (Bachelor's/ Master's degree or First state examination for a teaching post). Further prerequisites are a flawless extended certificate of leadership and a commitment to the liberal-democratic basic order. In addition, the health suitability for the civil service relationship on revocation is required, which can be determined by an official medical examination. Measles immunity must be demonstrated at the date of recruitment.
You first apply via the ADD online portal. You will then receive an e-mail confirmation with further information on the procedure and the required forms. You submit these together with other written documents, for which you are given a deadline, which must be observed. The ADD carries out the selection and admission procedure and informs you about the result and, if necessary, the assignment to the training school.

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